Kitchen Remodeling Walnut Creek



Kitchen remodeling Walnut Creek, - key steps

After choosing what to renovate and who to refurbish, these are the steps that lie ahead:

Dismantling and Removing the Existing Kitchen - Usually including dismantling the kitchen cabinets, marble, sink, flooring, and everything we decided to replace.

Establishing electricity, gas, and plumbing points - according to our design.

Assemble new kitchen cabinets by the carpenter.

Order the kitchen counter top and assemble it.

Installation of plumbing fixtures - kitchen sink and taps.

Cooking First Family Meal Smiling

How much does a Kitchen remodeling Walnut Creek,  cost?

The price of a kitchen renovation depends on what we decided to renovate - a basic and cosmetic renovation for a small kitchen (2.5m * 2.5m) starts around $ 3,000 and can also reach $ 100,000 if you decide to "invest in the kitchen". The key factors that can influence the cost of Kitchen remodeling Walnut Creek, are: Choosing kitchen cabinets, marble, and kitchen plumbing fixtures. For more information go to our free estimate page.

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