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Do I need a city permit for my Kitchen remodeling project?
Can I remove this wall and expend my kitchen?
Can I convert my garage to a living space?
Do I need a plan?
How much does it cost?
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That's OK many of our customers ask that, As for a company that has been around for many years, we are very much familiar with most of the building codes. However, each and every city has its own rules, codes and regulations home owners must follow in order to build, modify, remodel or add on to their home. Not only these codes differ from one city to another, every year new rules and codes are being added. This makes it impossible to memorize and keep track after all of Bay area and surrounding cities building codes such as Concord, Walnut Creek, Berkeley, San Ramon and many more.

Unfortunately, some of the remodeling projects may need a plan in order determine whether a certain project is doable or not. Therefore we may not be able to answer all your questions. However, we promise to very informative and provide you with the best advice as if your home was ours.

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